If not using the barcoding system, write consignor number on the top center of all tags. Tags without a consignor number will be considered a donation to Little Flower Consignments.  Barcoded tags will automatically have this number added.


In the middle of the tag, write a description of the item and the size.  It is important that the size is written so that clothes can be displayed on the correct rack.  If the tag falls off the item, the better the description, the easier it is to match it up with the item.  


The general rule of thumb is to price items 1/3rd of retail.  See our pricing reference for help with pricing items.  Any item over $1.00 must be priced in $0.50 increments ($1.50, $2.00, $2.50, etc).  We no longer accept any item priced under $1.00.  The price should be written on the bottom of the tag and is automatically displayed with barcoded tags.  

Tagging Your Items

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Barcoding is free to use and easy.  We do require all items $20 and up be entered into our systems for inventory control reasons. Consignors who barcode their items pay a $5 consignor fee instead of the $10 fee charged to consignors that do not barcode.

Tags should be made from light colored card stock or index cards. Do not use texturized paper or dark colors because the scanners will not be able to read barcodes.  Be sure your printer has sufficient ink because faded or broken barcodes can not be scanned.  Do not use regular weight paper as it rips easily and gets lost. 

Half Price Code
An “X” in the top right hand corner indicates that an item cannot be sold at half-price during the half-price sale.  If that area is left blank, then the item will be sold at half-price during the half-price sale.  If an item should not be sold at half-price, mark an "X" (preferable red) in the upper right hand corner of your tag.  The barcoding system lists half price as an option, be sure to check it appropriately.

Donation Code
At the end of the sale, if items are not sold, they can be donated to charity.  If unsold items should be donated, instead of picked-up, simply place a "D" in the lower right hand corner of the tag.   The barcoding system lists donate as an option, be sure to check it appropriately.

If you are NOT using the barcoding system, we have prepared tag templates that you can use to make your own tags. These templates can be used as is, or you can use them as general guideline for required information and placement as described below.

​Attaching your Tags
Tags should be attached to clothing/soft materials with a safety pin or a tagging gun.  Pins should go through the tag in a single location and should not be threaded through.  Do not additionally tape pins to tags.  Tags can be taped or tied to toys, equipment, and other non-material items.  Consider using blue painters tape on items such as books and puzzles that may be damaged by removing the tape.  

Please remember our volunteers must remove the tags during the check out process.  Tags should be secure, but we should still be able to remove them without breaking our fingers :)