What we sell

Our sale offers elegant dress up clothes as well as the most rugged play clothes, for your special baby or child to grow and flourish in.  We have everything you could ever need or imagine for infants to teens, all at very affordable prices.

Clothing and Shoes
Clothing sizes from preemie to size 14, and occasionally larger sizes are available.  We also have maternity clothing, dress up clothes, school uniforms, costumes, swimwear, jackets, and a large assortment of shoes, socks, tights, slippers and anything else your child could wear!
Children's Furniture and Accessories
We have a broad array of children's items. It varies every year but some of the things you may find are cribs, dressers, glider chairs, bookcases and much more.

Baby blankets, sleepers, crib toys, teethers, soft toys, hooded towels, bottles, sippy cups, etc.
If you used it for your infant, chances are we will have it at the sale and often these items are brand new in their unopened packages!
Toys, Games, puzzles, crafts
We have an enormous selection of toys at each sale.  Lucky shoppers may find Legos, Disney items, Barbies, Thomas the Train, and an endless assortment of all your children's favorite things... some still new in boxes.
Books & Videos
What child can have enough books! We have all sorts of books ranging from early readers to advanced as well as maternity and newborn books.
Bedding and Decor
We always have a nice selection of crib and toddler bedding and well as wall decor, frames, stools, and lots of blankets.

Bikes, Trikes, Scooters, Strollers and assorted Baby Gear
If it has wheels, you will probably find it in our large equipment room!  We often have lots of outdoor toys, tool benches, play kitchens, ride on toys, bouncy seats, and swings.  

Car seats, bouncy seats and swings, baby tubs, potty chairs, high chairs,  activity mats, etc.
All of those fun things you need for your little ones that they outgrow way too fast can be found at our sale for a small portion of what you would pay anywhere else.

Seasonal items

Don't forget about Halloween and dress up items, sports equipment, sleds, hats and mittens, bathing suits and beach chairs!

We have everything and anything you can think of for your baby to teen!